Your Creativity Quotient – How To Boost It

More ideas means a higher probability of a few good ideas. This has been shown in both research and most of personal experiences. How, then, do we generate more ideas?

Start by practicing. If you had to write down as many uses as you could in ten minutes for a piece of string (a common creativity exercise), you might get a dozen ideas the first time you try. Do it a few times, though (with different items), and you’ll soon find that you are coming up with twice as many ideas. This is especially true if you do this with others. Their ideas will get you thinking in new ways.

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You can also learn one or more of the many specific techniques for generating ideas. They include mentally combining concepts to create new ones, tearing apart things and processes to change the components, challenging premises and more. If you want instructions in how to use these special methods, they can usually be found online by searching “problem solving techniques,” or “creativity techniques.”